We believe in greening the planet through landscape restoration. By restoring degraded land and making it fertile again, you can turn the tide. An important aspect of this is to involve local communities in projects so that they themselves benefit from them, see the importance of them and therefore participate in greening.

Texas USA
The Nature Conservancy
Protecting Texas' Wetlands
Safeguarding Coastal Marshes: A Vital Mission for Conservation Efforts.
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Upscaling regenerative farming
Transforming agriculture: Empowering farmers through regenerative practices and sustainable living.
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Luderitz - Namibie
Kelp Forest Foundation
Preserving genetic diversity of giant kelp
Protecting kelp's genetic diversity for a sustainable marine future.
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Loliondo - Tanzania
Corridors, Coexistence, Synergies & Transitions
Promoting sustainability through innovative solutions and community collaboration.
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Indian Ocean
Global Mangrove WatchThe Nature ConservancyWetlands International
Global Mangrove Watch
Empowering mangroves through advanced technology and global collaboration.
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The Netherlands
Funding equitable land access fosters sustainable agriculture and community resilience.
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Southern West Australia
Noongar Land Enterprise Group
Empowering Noongar communities for economic prosperity and sustainable land stewardship.
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Kruger Park - South Africa
Peace Parks Foundation
Southern African Wildlife College
Empowering conservation through education and transboundary collaboration for wildlife protection.
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Galápagos Islands - Ecuador
Charles Darwin Foundation
Inspiration Complex
Building a versatile center for conferences, workshops, and CDF-events.
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Maputo National Park - Mozambique
Peace Parks Foundation
Maputo National Park
Hidden gem: A radiant wilderness sanctuary, a haven of natural wonder.
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Vatican City, Rome - Italy
Our Planet Our Future
Mobilizing Spiritual Leadership for Climate Action.
Listen to the cry of the Earth, pledge meaningful action.
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Brazil and India
The Nature Conservancy
Reforestation Accelerator
Accelerating global afforestation for a thriving planet and vibrant ecosystems.
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