Restoring landscapes


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Restoring landscapes to create a brighter future on planet Earth

The COmON Foundation's commitment to core funding for Commonland underscores our shared vision of landscape restoration on a large scale. Commonland's unique 4 Returns framework offers a holistic approach that not only revitalizes ecosystems but also supports economic development and community well-being. By providing stable funding, we empower Commonland to further innovate and expand their impactful projects, ensuring long-term sustainability and success.

Commonand brings people together to restore landscapes and regenerate the Earth: our common land. With their holistic approach to landscape restoration - the 4 Returns framework - anyone can work with nature and their local community to restore a landscape at scale.

Facing a global crisis where up to 40% of our planet's land suffers from degradation, Commonland spearheads the charge towards restoration, breathing life back into Earth's landscapes.

Landscape degradation is at the heart of the world's biggest problems. Affecting a third of the world's population, it is a major contributor to food insecurity, water scarcity, climate change and biodiversity loss, destroying the ecosystems we all rely upon to survive. Commonland facilitate landscape restoration from the ground up. Collaborating with an extensive network of partners, from farmers and business owners to policymakers and NGOs, aiming to protect and restore landscapes worldwide. By fostering a global movement, they leverage their 4 Returns framework to accelerate holistic landscape restoration, maximizing their impact on the environment and communities alike.

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