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In early 2015, Commonland became a founding shareholder and partner of Wide Open Agriculture (WOA), Western Australia’s leading regenerative food company. Using the 4 Returns framework, WOA focuses on transforming degraded and depopulated farming landscapes by providing inspirational solutions designed to create new jobs and business opportunities; by enhancing biodiversity and building soil health; and by restoring waterways in the region.

Welcome to Wide Open Agriculture – Where Sustainability Meets Possibility.

At Wide Open Agriculture, our mission is to cultivate a future where the boundaries of sustainable agriculture are limitless. We are driven by a commitment to nourishing communities, regenerating the land, and fostering a resilient food system that thrives in harmony with nature.

Founded with a vision to transform the way we approach agriculture, Wide Open Agriculture is rooted in the belief that the land, when treated with respect and care, can yield not only abundant harvests but also a flourishing ecosystem. Our journey began with a commitment to break free from conventional norms and cultivate a future where agriculture coexists harmoniously with the environment.

“We cannot do this alone. Without a compelling business case and buy-in from farmer partners, consumers, customers and our network, we wouldn’t survive as a business. Ben Cole Executive Director and Co-founder, Wide Open Agriculture


Southwest Australia faces significant challenges, including the impact of climate change with decreased rainfall and more frequent extreme weather events. The region is also grappling with the adverse effects of chemical-based and industrial farming practices on landscape health. 

Compounding these issues is the vast scale and low population density, leading to rural depopulation. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive and sustainable approach to mitigate the environmental impact, promote regenerative agriculture, and find solutions for rural community well-being.

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In Southwest Australia, significant opportunities for sustainable development have emerged. WOA's carbon-neutral oat milk has successfully expanded into new markets, including the Middle East, Singapore, and Australian retailer Woolworths. Concurrently, there is an opportunity to support local farmers in transitioning to regenerative agriculture through the implementation of effective route-to-market strategies, proven business cases, and peer-to-peer learning initiatives.

Moreover, the region can leverage carbon credits to facilitate impactful carbon farming and re-vegetation projects, promoting ecological health and sustainability. Recognizing the invaluable knowledge and techniques of Indigenous land management is key to restoring Southwest Australia's natural capital, contributing to a more holistic approach to environmental conservation.

In addition, the development of the impact investment sector holds promise for Southwest Australia, with a focus on fostering regenerative and Aboriginal-owned social and cultural enterprises. By capitalizing on these opportunities, the region can chart a course towards a more sustainable and resilient future.


Pioneers in transformative restoration through the 4 Returns approach.

Wide Open Agriculture

Wide Open Agriculture (ASX: WOA) is a Regenerative Food & Farming company. Through our farmland portfolio and our Dirty Clean FoodTM brand, we grow and sell delicious, healthy food. We partner with farmers committed to rebuilding healthy soil, enhancing biodiversity and restoring waterways. We are seeking strong, sustainable financial returns and are committed to making a positive, measurable impact on the ecosystems and communities in which we operate. WOA is the world's first publicly listed company with a 4 Returns mandate to deliver financial, natural, social and inspirational returns.