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One Acre Fund

Healthy Soils and Sustainable Livelihoods

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In partnership with One Acre Fund, COmON proudly supported a project that improved smallholder farmers' livelihoods while promoting sustainable agriculture and soil health in Sub-Saharan Africa.

One Acre Fund embarked on a mission to improve the productivity of smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa while promoting environmental sustainability through the project "Supporting Farmer-Focused R&D for Healthy Soils and Sustainable Livelihoods." They provided comprehensive support to farmers, resulting in substantial income increases and enhanced food security. One Acre Fund was dedicated to sustainable agriculture practices and prioritized soil health.

COmON, sharing concerns about the relationship between environmental health and agricultural productivity and firmly believing in 'sustainable intensification,' partnered with One Acre Fund to strike a practical balance between short-term yield improvements and long-term conservation efforts to address soil health challenges.

During the course of the project, One Acre Fund identified and implemented promising soil health interventions. COmON's €400,000 investment in 2019 and 2020 facilitated the assessment and refinement of these practices. The project successfully brought at least one of these interventions to a country-wide scale, benefiting smallholders in multiple countries.

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One Acre Fund aims to boost nutrition in Rwanda by providing chickens to farmers, increasing egg consumption, especially among children.

COmON takes great pride in having funded this project, as it perfectly aligns with their mission to regenerate and green degraded areas worldwide, empower communities, optimize land use, and nurture nature through innovative approaches. This partnership signifies a significant step towards realizing these objectives while also supporting sustainable livelihoods for farm families in Africa.

One Acre Fund