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THP Moz Sailora Tomas
Farmer Sailora Tomas at work in THP Epicentre in Mozambique: "This is my vegetable garden. I created it myself after learning various farming techniques in a demonstration garden provided by The Hunger Project. And I'm not the only one: more fellow villagers brought this new knowledge home to start their own vegetable gardens. This way, we're getting more vegetables on our menu. But I see more opportunities. We can make smart use of flooded areas (the result of Hurricane Freddy in 2023) and also establish fields. However, we need to fence them properly to protect the crops from wandering animals. Because I have so many plans, my fellow villagers have chosen me to lead these activities. I'm proud of that."
Ending hunger starts with people.

COmON is supporting THP with a travel fund for several meetings and conferences with the aim to share knowledge of their "epi-centre" strategy, to meet with current and future partners and governments and to integrate with them. 

This program fits in the Small Grants Program: Individuals representing any institution who are convinced a meeting of minds needs to take place to jointly design a solution to a grand environmental or conservation problem, are eligible. Funding includes transport of delegates, food and lodging, facilitation during the event and possible follow-up write-ups.

Hunger is not necessary. 

Despite the recent resurgence of hunger, there has been remarkable progress before. We can turn the tide, if we all work very hard, and if we put people experiencing hunger at the center. Those who believe it can be different, who initiate change, and inspire others. The Hunger Project invests in these individuals so they can make a difference for their communities. 

On the path towards ending hunger for everyone.

"I've learned how to process all my leftover tomatoes into a sauce. That's handy because it allows me to preserve my harvest for a longer time – in these jars, up to 3 months. I can either sell them or enjoy them myself." Alzira, from a village nearby Zinave National Park Mozambique Since 2021, The Hunger Project, in collaboration with Peace Parks Foundation, has initiated a project around Zinave National Park.

The Hunger Project

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