The zero Hunger Project

The Hunger Project

Ending hunger: People are key. Together, we drive change.

The Hunger Project works on the world's biggest solvable problem: hunger. We believe in the importance of people, dreams, resilience and self-reliance. It invests in the power of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The Hunger Project Netherlands was founded over 40 years ago, inspired by the American movement. Since then, The Hunger Project has continuously reinvented itself to confront all challenges on the path to a world without hunger. Always searching for the answer to that one question: what could make the real difference in a world without hunger?

Mindset shift is at the heart of The Hunger Project’s programs. The Vision, Commitment, and Action workshop helps communities envision a future of their own making. We believe that every person has the right to be the author of their own development.

The Vision, Commitment and Action Workshop serves as the foundation of our work. It inspires individuals to move from “I can’t” to “I can” to “We can.” Through participation in our trainings, people set a vision for their communities, and then lay out the actions they will take to achieve that vision.

At this village-level workshop, people create their own vision for the future, commit to achieving it and outline the actions that are needed to succeed. Each participant leaves the workshop with a specific project for the following three months based entirely on local resources. In achieving this first success, people’s initial inspiration develops into self-confidence.

After the VCA workshop, villages select local leaders, who we call “animators,” who will be trained to lead the VCA workshop for others in the area, and to facilitate the ongoing actions that stemmed from the workshop.

It is possible to achieve a world without hunger.

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