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Galápagos Sustainable Framework

Empowering Galápagos for a sustainable and vibrant future

The Galápagos Government Council (GGC), established in 2009 as the Planning and Regulatory body for the islands, has successfully preserved the unique ecosystems and managed population growth and tourism activities. Collaborating with organizations like the Charles Darwin Foundation, they work diligently towards this mission. The Galápagos Special Law (2015) is currently under review by the Ecuadorian Legislative Assembly, and the process to prepare the next Galápagos Master Plan began in 2020.

Community-Based Conservation
This critical project, made possible through invaluable support, takes the lead in designing, developing, and implementing a community-based process to update the Galápagos Special Law and the Galápagos Master Plan. These revisions are pivotal as they form the foundation for safeguarding Galápagos ecosystems, preserving their intrinsic values, and nurturing local communities.

COmON's unwavering commitment to sustainability and conservation, in line with its mission to regenerate and re-green degraded areas worldwide while empowering communities, is evident through its vital funding for this initiative. By actively supporting this endeavor, the organization not only contributes to the ongoing success of the Galápagos Islands but also strengthens its dedication to fostering positive change in both environmental and community spheres.

The project's overarching goal perfectly aligns with COmON's mission, which seeks to make a profound and enduring impact on the environment and the communities it serves, ensuring a sustainable and vibrant future for the Galápagos

Project updates

2023 update

In 2023, the Galapagos Hub achieved significant milestones and solidified its role as a catalyst for innovation and sustainability in the region. Notably, the Hub, in collaboration with SENESCYT, emerged victorious in the Ecuador 2023 Exemplary Practices Contest, securing the Productive Development, Employment, and Entrepreneurship category.

Moreover, the Galapagos Hub, alongside key partners such as the Galapagos National Park and Charles Darwin Foundation, hosted the Regenerative Tourism Workshop. This event, held in August 2023, gathered decision-makers, researchers, private sector representatives, and civil society members from the Galapagos. Over three days, participants engaged in presentations, exchanges, forums, and visits to local initiatives, all aimed at promoting a regenerative approach to tourism.

The Hub's commitment to fostering innovation and resilience was further evident through its participation in the 'Event +PYMES For The Word - Galapagos Edition' in October 2023. This initiative, organized by the Ministry of Production and Galapagos Hub, aimed to strengthen the local innovation ecosystem and connect entrepreneurs with opportunities in knowledge, investment, innovation, and market access.

These accomplishments highlight the Galapagos Hub's dedication to driving positive change and sustainability in the Galapagos Islands, positioning itself as a key player in advancing innovation and resilience in the region.

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