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One Acre Fund envisions a future where every farming family has the knowledge and resources to achieve bountiful harvests, support healthy households, and nurture fertile soil. With a focus on alleviating extreme poverty, particularly among farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, they believe that farming is the key to economic development in the region.

One Acre Fund directly serves farmers, doubling their harvests and ensuring a surplus for the first time. Their vision encompasses big harvests, healthy families with consistent access to food, and improved soil health.

COmON is proud to support One Acre Fund in their mission to empower farming communities and combat poverty and food insecurity through sustainable agriculture.

We believe in the potential of agriculture to support communities and shape the future—and we focus our efforts exactly where smallholder farmers need in order to thrive. One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund has embarked on an extraordinary mission, implementing the largest agroforestry project globally, with the ambitious goal of planting 1 billion trees across Rwanda, Malawi, Kenya, and Nigeria. This remarkable project has not only been a resounding success but has also surpassed expectations, currently ahead of schedule. The initial target of planting 250 million trees cumulatively by the end of 2024 is now expected to reach an impressive 300 million. Moreover, the variety of trees planted has expanded from 28 to 42 different species.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the outstanding return on investment; every dollar invested generates a remarkable $14 in benefits for farmers, marking an unprecedented impact in sustainable agriculture.

In recognition of their outstanding contributions to alleviating human suffering, One Acre Fund was honored with the 2023 Hilton Humanitarian Prize, a prestigious award accompanied by a $2.5 million grant. Additionally, the Dutch Ministry of Food Safety has committed substantial, unrestricted funding to further support One Acre Fund in their transformative efforts.

Farmers are on the front lines of climate change. They must adapt to the changing weather now, and keep their land sustainable for generations to come.
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