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BENI Wetlands of TPNTP Saloum Delta Nigeria farming oysters is done in a sustainable manner without damaging the mangroves
Human wellbeing is irrevocably tied to the state of the world’s wetlands

COmON provides corporate support to Wetlands International through core funding, a partnership that has spanned several years. This sustained collaboration enables Wetlands International to advance their initiatives in fundraising, communications, and strategic partnerships related to their extensive global programs. As a corporate supporter, COmON takes pride in empowering Wetlands International to play a leading role in mobilizing and scaling up wetland recovery efforts, making a significant contribution to the achievement of the 2030 global goals.

Wetlands International continues to be a pivotal force in the conservation and restoration of wetlands worldwide. COmON's corporate support, particularly through core funding, bolsters Wetlands International's capacity to safeguard these critical ecosystems, which are essential for biodiversity, climate mitigation, and water purification. Our steadfast corporate support ensures the continuity of Wetlands International's crucial work in promoting the resilience and well-being of wetlands across the globe.

Wetlands occur wherever water meets land. These unique habitats include mangroves, peatlands and marshes, rivers and lakes, deltas, floodplains and flooded forests, rice-fields, and even coral reefs. Healthy wetlands are central to solving the interconnected climate, biodiversity, and water crises.

Wetlands International is a global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wetlands. Their vision is a world where wetlands are treasured and nurtured for their beauty, the life they support and the resources they provide.

Wetlands occur wherever water meets land and ensure the sustainability of both.

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