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Hope for the Future - The Movie

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'Hope for the Future' takes viewers on an inspiring journey toward a sustainable future.

The COmON-funded documentary 'Hope for the future' was born from COmON CEO John Loudon's visionary idea. He collaborated with renowned filmmaker Evert van den Bos, leveraging their past success in nature filmmaking. 

Initially considering a film about Zambia, the project shifted to the Galapagos Islands on John's suggestion. This presented a unique opportunity to spotlight the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) as it celebrated its 60th anniversary in the midst of the extraordinary Galapagos ecosystem. Evert was invited to experience this natural wonder firsthand.

Evert documented the dedicated CDF team in their conservation efforts and captured the essence of the Galapagos' unique wildlife. Notable contributors included Mr. Pon, the Chair of COmON, who enthusiastically embraced the project with his 'Let's do it' spirit, alongside internationally recognized singer/philanthropist Ronan Keating (whom narrated the English version) and Dutch News Anchor Annechien Steenhuizen (whom narrated the Dutch version). The film's premiere was attended by His Majesty King Willem Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima, marking a significant milestone.

This documentary, serving as both a tribute and a fundraising tool, successfully raised over $3.5 million for the CDF's critical conservation initiatives.

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