We believe in greening the planet through landscape restoration

Map of Projects

By restoring degraded land and making it fertile again, you can turn the tide. An important aspect of this is to involve local communities in projects so that they themselves benefit from them, see the importance of them and therefore participate in greening.

  • Southern Africa
    Peace Parks Foundation
    Herding for Health
  • Guinea Bissau, Tanzania, Indonesia and Philippines
    Wetlands International
    To Plant or not to Plant
  • Kabirdham District - India
    Empowering smallholder farmers
  • Zambezi State Forest - Namibia
    WWF Namibia
    Integrated Conservation Planning Zambezi
  • Galápagos Islands - Ecuador
    Charles Darwin Foundation
    Galápagos Verde 2050
  • The Netherlands
    Wetlands International
    Acceleration Landscape Regeneration
  • Rwanda, Kenia, Nigeria, Malawi
    One Acre Fund
    Planting trees for Resilience
  • Egypt
    Upscaling regenerative farming
  • Luderitz - Namibie
    Kelp Forest Foundation
    Preserving genetic diversity of giant kelp